Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Butter Pecan Pan Cake

1 box Butter Pecan Cake Mix
chopped pecans
Butter Pecan Syrup
powdered sugar

Preheat oven to 325 degrees.  Spray a spring form pan with non-stick spray.  Mix the Butter Pecan Cake Mix according to package.  In the bottom of the spring form pan sprinkle pecans (about 1/4 cup).  Sprinkle with cinnamon (about 1 Tbsp.).  Pour half the batter over the nuts.  Sprinkle more pecans over the batter (about 1/4 cup).  Sprinkle with cinnamon (about 1 Tbsp.).  Drizzle with Butter Pecan Syrup (about 1/4 cup).  Add remaining batter.  Bake 40-50 minutes or until done in the center.  Let cook for 10-15 minutes before moving to a plate, nut side down.

Mix 1 cup powdered sugar with enough Butter Pecan Syrup to make a drizzle.  Add the syrup just a little at a time, mix, add more as needed.  Drizzle over warm cake.  Sprinkle with more chopped pecans.

Comments:  I spotted a butter pecan cake mix in my cabinet and decided to play with it.  I thought I would see if I could come up with a coffee cake using the pecans and cinnamon on the bottom and in the center.  Just before I added the 2nd half of the batter I decided to give it a little drizzle with the syrup.  That, my friend, is what gave this cake it's special Pan Cake taste.  It came out moist yet a little gooey in the center from the syrup.  The glaze of sugar & syrup ended up being the perfect touch to make it even better.  I've had everyone that had the pleasure of trying this cake tell me it was the best yet!  And I do have to agree.  Perfect for the upcoming holidays.  The spring form pan is a must due to this being sticky.  It would fall apart if you tried to make it in a regular bundt or cake pan.  So, why did I name it Butter Pecan Pan Cake?  When I go to IHOP I always have butter pecan syrup over my pancakes and this cake turned out tasting just like them, with a few nuts added.
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